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Detail of woodwork at Hafod.
Stained glass at Llanwenllwyfo.
Scene from the Life of St Winifrede, at Holywell.

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Funding for the 'Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae' project ended in December 2019, although work on my forthcoming book, Welsh Saints from Welsh Churches, is ongoing. I am now engaged part-time on an EU-funded Interreg project focusing on the Irish Sea ports.

Several talks planned for spring 2020 have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as my exhibitions at St Davids Cathedral in May.

An article 'The Gothic Revival Character of Ecclesiastical Stained Glass in Britain' was recently published online as part of the 2019 issue of Folia Historiae Artium, published by the Commission on Art History of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Kraków. A further article on nineteenth-century stained glass for the online journal 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century is scheduled for publication later this year.


Mural decoration and stained glass by Stanisław Wyspiański, Franciscan Church, KracowTwo books for Spring 2020

My first book published by Y Lolfa since Stained Glass from Welsh Churches was published in February, and was launched at a small event at Cardiff Cathedral on 16 March. The book, Depicting St David, is a study of the imagery of Wales' patron saint, and shows different ways in which the saint has been depicted, both as a standing figure alone or with others, and in scenes depicting stories associated with the saint. I have written more about the book and a few of the discoveries made along the way on my blog. For copies visit Y Lolfa website.

Cover of Yr Awen Drwy’r Storïau.A very different book published by Barddas in March featured my illustrations in a book of Welsh poetry. The book, edited by Mari George and elegantly designed by Tanwen Haf, includes poems and prose texts inspired by medieval Welsh narratives. The modern poetry, based on these old traditions, is mirrored by my own work, which adopts forms found in eleventh-century manuscript illumination, layered with later medieval patterns. Llawer o ddiolch i Alaw Mai Edwards, a former colleague on the 'Cult of Saints in Wales' project, for her intiative in bringing this project to fruition.

The book is available from, where a list of the poems can be found.

Stained glass window of St David at Llanymawddwy.2019 Conferences

2019 proved to be a busy year for conferences, and in most cases I gave talks relevant to recent work on the imagery of saints in Wales.

The first was in May for the '‘King Arthur of Wales?’ conference in Carmarthen, followed by three in July. The ‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae’ project organised three sessions at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, and several members of the project team, past and present, gave papers at the sixteenth International Congress of Celtic Studies (a quadrennial event, held at Bangor in 2019), at the end of the month. In between, I gave a paper on saints in stained glass commissioned for Catholic churches in nineteenth-century Wales at the 'Catholicism, Literature, and the Arts' conference in Durham.

Medival stained glass fragmentsA conference in Cambridge organised by the ‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae’ project came at the end of September, at which I gave a paper on medieval images of saints in Wales, and also a short paper on some recent discoveries of images of Welsh saints found at churches in England. My final conference paper of the year, for the 'Art of the Lost' conference at Canterbury Cathedral in November, was on a different subject: the preservation of medieval fragments in the creation of abstract windows, and of the adoption of a similar aesthetic in new windows.


Teiliau Tyddewi image.Teiliau Tyddewi/The Tiles of St Davids

I have made a special new piece of work for the 2019 Art on the Faith Trail, based on one of the tile patterns from the medieval pavement in the presbytery of St Davids Cathedral. A set of sixteen ‘tiles’ were distributed across all of the churches taking part in the trail in Pembrokeshire, including the cathedral itself. The whole piece was then shown together with a new body of work, also based on the tiles at the cathedral, at an exhibition in the Cloister Gallery, St Davids Cathedral, 22 October – 4 November 2019. A book of the work was also published by Sulien Books to coincide with the exhibition.

Teiliau Tyddewi was also exhibited at Greenbelt Festival and the 2019 Diverse Manners exhibtion in Newport.

For more information about the project, visit the Teiliau Tyddewi/The Tiles of St Davids website. A book of the images is available from the Sulien Books website.



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I have been based at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies since 1999. For a brief summary of the projects that I have been involved in at the Centre, see my staff page.