Image by Martin Crampin.

Contemporary images based on medieval patterns

Strata Florida tiles

Llananno screen

Medieval Pattern

Carving at the Church of All Saints, GresfordSince about 2005, most of my exhibited images have been responses to medieval patterns that I have found and recorded in Welsh churches. In that year, I made several images for a group exhibition in Brecon Cathedral, which included works based on the large Romanesque font and late medieval woodcarving. Since then I have looked more widely in many different churches for further patterns to record and work with, such as those found on rood screens, as tiles, and as architectural sculpture.

The many surviving examples of medieval decorative arts in Wales are sometimes difficult to find, and are often found in dark corners of medieval churches, or high up and beyond the reach of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century iconoclasts. My images are an attempt to make this once vibrant visual tradition visible once again and transform it, illuminating medieval pattern with fresh light and colour for our present age.


mage based on carving at the Church of All Saints, Gresford

Gresford Screen III


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